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The Creative Social Management Platform. Design, Schedule & Publish

Integration with your favorite social media accounts. Design, schedule and post all at once.

100's of Integrations

how it works

Easy to get started to create and manage your social accounts

Start with a Template

Easy create a new project or grab a template.

Add Text & Your Logo

Make it lively and colorful with presets & shapes.

Add Social Accounts

Publish to all your social media accounts or schedule for later.

Set a Time to Publish

Schedule your post for the best times on each account


Social Media Management with a Creative Spin

Takes less than 30 seconds to start your account, start a new project (or choose from a template) and schedule your first post

Not Sure if Padooie Right for You?

Contact Us and one of our crew members will schedule a quick demo for you and your team. Or Sign up for free and give it a spin!

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Calendar, scheduler, analytics,
templates, you name it.

Some social medial accounts are best to post at certain times. With the Padooie scheduler, you can post with ease. Just set a time in the publisher and hit, “Publish for Later”.
Save time & money
Robust Designer
Personalized Post Calendar
Easy to Preview Posts
Tons of Templates and Themes
Post Simultaneously
Themes to design, customize and post to help you get started
Social Media Posts come from Padooie every year
In savings per month, per user for jumping on to Padooie


Easy to Scale Pricing for every Need. When you grow, so does Padooie

Maker Padooie
Per Month
  • 2 Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Mon-Fri Support
  • No Templates
  • No Multi Posting
Start with Basic
Best Value
Freelancer Padooie
Per Month
  • 5 Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Mon-Fri Support
  • Use Templates!
  • No Multi Posting
Start with Freelancer
Pro Padooie
Per Month
  • Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Limitless Possibilities
  • Use Templates
  • Unlimited Multi & Scheduled Posts
Start with Pro

F.A.Q & How Too’s

Questions, Concerns or something else?
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Can you export or upload your own templates

At this time, you can only use the templates that are supported within the Padooie platform. We are adding new templates every week! So stay on the lookout for new updates.

Do you support Gifs?

At this time, we only support Jpeg or PNG extensions. We are getting excited to update these extensions to allow for GIFs and mp4 (both for updating and sending to social media accounts).

I have a 100 person business. Can Padooie meet my needs.

Sure thing! Get us on the phone to see how we can configure an enterprise type of account for your needs. We would be thrilled to have the opportunity and coming out with new features every week. Grow your social media needs with Padooie!

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